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Editorial 17 May 2017

The Holy Trinity of Cryptos

You could be forgiven for being overwhelmed with the ridiculously large number of Crypto-currencies flooding the market these days.

Editorial 15 May 2017

The Outcome of a Hard Fork for Bitcoin

While Bitcoin soars behind the scenes the loom of the ‘Hard Fork’ grows ever stronger but that suggests two roads will the outcome.

Editorial 11 May 2017

Core Subversion: Close To Conclusive

Folk behind Bitcoin Core are in the pay of the big banks but that could be a positive, they could be trying to make it recognized & ‘trusted.’

Editorial 8 May 2017

The Strategy of Degradation

Bitcoin is in the middle of a gigantic bull-run, hitting record price heights on an almost regular basis now.

Editorial 4 May 2017

Misinformation overdrive

Wow, the spin machines are in full flow now Ladies & Gentlemen. BraveNewCoin suggests that there is now a direct attack on Bitcoin Unlimited miners.

Hidden Agendas: The Bitcoin Blocksize
Editorial 2 May 2017

Hidden Agendas: The Bitcoin Blocksize

Bitcoin is immune to direct centralized governance, it is not impervious to market manipulation, and interference via social engineering.

Editorial 29 April 2017

The Real Numbers Behind Segwit Activation

It’s important to get your maths right; tricky, even boring though it may be, recent claims from a CryptoNews article have some very flawed claims.

Editorial 15 April 2017

Rotten to the Core

Here’s a rule of thumb to live by: the more aggressive and vociferous somebody is the more they are covering up.

Editorial 12 April 2017

Here come the equity funds!

Japan, announces official recognition for the digital currency and then barely 48 hours later Russia makes similar noises.

Editorial 10 April 2017

A Bitcoin Beginner’s Blog

A friend took the initiative to gave me a Christmas gift a card with $25 of Bitcoin with a QR code and it started the Bitcoin journey.