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Scale first banner on CoinGeek with Kurt Wuckert Jr.
Editorial 9 July 2024

Scale first!

Bitcoin must scale to achieve its original vision, and BSV serves as a beacon of hope in attaining this feat, driven by several key developments that were accomplished amid a tumultuous journey.

Kurt Wuckert CG banner
Editorial 25 June 2024

Blockchain isn’t new technology

Blockchain has survived for over a decade now, but its continued survival doesn't rest on hype or novelty but rather on its ability to deliver tangible benefits in a transparent and efficient manner.

Blockchain digital illuminated shape
Editorial 19 June 2024

Discovering the real blockchain

Enterprise adoption of blockchain will happen as the world waits for the integration of IPv6 and a universal blockchain with unbounded scalability at the TCP/IP level, plus an infrastructure buildout.

Donlad Trump banner on CoinGeek
Editorial 18 June 2024

Donald Trump bets on Bitcoin

While Donald Trump may have unwaveringly voiced his pro-Bitcoin stance, many view his support with skepticism, questioning his true motive as he eyes the highest seat in the United States.

Digital asset with bull market concept
Editorial 18 June 2024

Is the BTC bull run over?

In this piece, Gavin Lucas outlines the potential catalysts for a new digital currency bull market might be and why a much larger, more mature blockchain bull market will last for decades.

Open Protocol banner on CoinGeek
Editorial 11 June 2024

Open protocols manifested

With every technological advancement comes change, and while some applications have to wind down to prepare for this transformation, some rise to continue the ethos of blockchain—decentralization.

It's the subsidy banner from CoinGeek
Editorial 4 June 2024

It’s the subsidy!

The Cabrini-Green and Soviet collective farming were reminders that initiatives, no matter how good their intentions, were doomed to fail without incorporating principles of a free market economy.

The lay of the land banner on CoinGeek
Editorial 20 May 2024

The lay of the land

A lot has changed since Bitcoin's big split, with the year 2024 ushering a new era of technological supremacy, a clear transition from the gossip and chaos of previous blockchain events.

Data exchange and global network over the world
Editorial 13 May 2024

The future of blockchain

The real Bitcoin blockchain, developed and molded according to Satoshi's vision, is ready to build a new world far from the corrupt future that the speculative 'crypto' has created.

End the Tetheral Reserve banner with graphics
Editorial 7 May 2024

End the Tetheral Reserve?

If Tether collapses, majority of global liquidity will go with it, and so will a sizable chunk of value held in equity around the blockchain economy.

BSV app
Editorial 3 May 2024

What the BSV blockchain is good for

Forbes may have named BSV as one of the "good-for-nothing" blockchains in the market, but developments on the blockchain network over the years prove otherwise.

Hijacking Bitcoin book review
Editorial 30 April 2024

Hijacking Bitcoin review

The Hijacking Bitcoin started very strong, but Roger Ver failed to give a solution to bring the troops back together to take back Bitcoin from the small blockers, Kurt Wuckert Jr. writes.

AI with blockchain background
Editorial 29 April 2024

AI and data decentralization

Artificial intelligence can be a powerful tool in spurring innovation, but it also has its downsides, and one that could lead it to its worst future is wielding its power to spread disinformation.