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Editorial 8 April 2021

Bitcoin is green technology

In the face of the bull run and NFT boom, environmentalist activists have once again targeted Bitcoin’s industrial infrastructure for criticism based on the assumption that proof of work for building blocks is a waste of electricity.

Editorial 30 March 2021

Bitcoin SV already won

When properly incentivized, Bitcoin is capable of an unfathomable amount of throughput and flexibility that can dwarf Visa, MasterCard, SWIFT, ACH and all of the data management networks on earth.

Editorial 29 March 2021

Square Crypto misunderstands Bitcoin…and mythology

Inventing your own mythology to shoehorn an agenda is something else entirely: propaganda. In Square Crypto’s new “Book of Bitcoin Mythology,” they have created one such example of propaganda.

Editorial 26 March 2021

DEX on Bitcoin = P2P Exchange

The question that arises is who becomes responsible if two parties fill orders between each other in this way without a so-called ‘Decentralized Exchange’?

Editorial 26 March 2021

How soon is ‘soon’?

It seems that some Bitcoin SV observers believe that when an enterprise or government body announces it is building something on Bitcoin SV, the expectation is it will be live nearly instantaneously.

Editorial 25 March 2021

Nobody is attacking Craig Wright

After we have witnessed years of harassment against Dr. Craig Wright, it might be time to wake up to the fact that actually nobody is attacking him, Dr. Michael Wehrmann writes.