Tech 30 December 2020

Run on Bitcoin enters public beta

What sets Run apart from other token standards is the SDK’s ease of use, extensive documentation, and interactivity, Joshua Henslee writes.

Tech 16 December 2020

sCrypt launches Script-level debugger as a service

Developers can inspect exactly which higher level sCrypt code correlates to which Bitcoin opcodes which should enable experimentation, functionality and less bugs, Joshua Henslee writes.

Business 23 November 2020

TDXP—the people’s exchange

TDXP only takes custody upon the execution of the trade and leverages the instant transaction capability of Bitcoin to do so, Joshua Henslee writes.

Tech 10 November 2020

Creating your Ark on Bitcoin

Instead of pillaging your data to determine which ads or promotions to show you, Ark seeks to give control back to the user.

Business 10 November 2020

OKBSV pioneers token exchange on-chain

RelayX has launched the second token on the RUN protocol—OKBSV—which is a derivative of actual BSV held on OKEx and FloatSV.