Tech 12 April 2021

The most difficult thing about learning to program is…

The token explosion in BSV and increased interest is a bullish sign for those wanting to build on Bitcoin, but the reality is there is still a huge gap between those who have ideas and those who can make them happen.

Editorial 26 March 2021

DEX on Bitcoin = P2P Exchange

The question that arises is who becomes responsible if two parties fill orders between each other in this way without a so-called ‘Decentralized Exchange’?

Tech 2 March 2021

$SHUA ‘airdrop’ demonstrates BSV token capability

BSV scalability enables mass distribution of not only tokens and financial products but ideas as well, and those who cannot afford or choose to forego high fees are now a part of the conversation.

Tech 9 February 2021

Naming protocols atop Bitcoin SV

When evaluating yet another new alt coin in the digital currency space, a concept known as Zooko’s Triangle is often leveraged which defines three traits that a network protocol should strive for.

Tech 27 January 2021

No, the protocol is not locked

Joshua Henslee reviews the suggested changes to revert to Bitcoin protocol v0.1, explaining why it’s not something developers should be worried about when it comes to building on Bitcoin SV.

Tech 21 January 2021

Comment sections on Bitcoin

There are Bitcoin SV applications that feature content creation, but all have different means for commenting on content, Joshua Henslee writes.