logo of hodlocker
Tech 30 November 2023

HODL Monitor optimizes how we consume information

The idea of HODL Monitor is for users to receive push notifications and quickly consume locked, on-chain content without visiting hodlocker.com or any other interface that supports locking.

close up image of bitcoin placed on blue circuit board
Tech 29 November 2023

Bitcoin is the exchange

sCrypt released a blog and implementation of token limit orders using Bitcoin script—an evolution of the on-chain Order Lock technology, allowing purchases of tokens and NFTs directly on-chain.

hodlnet logo with search bar
Tech 2 November 2023

Enter the hodlnet

With the launch of hodlnet.sh, a search engine that could surpass Google and Bing, users are treated to any on-chain content that has or had any locked amount of satoshis against it.

Relay Club 2.0 NFTs
Tech 1 November 2023

Relay Club 2.0 launches

With Relay Club 2.0 out in the market, users can now add any amount of BSV to an active NFT listing on RelayX with an additional locking feature against listing orders on-chain.

Digital network concept
Tech 18 October 2023

Did Satoshi Nakamoto support data on-chain?

Satoshi Nakamoto programmed Bitcoin Script to allow massive data but didn't necessarily think that large data payloads should be included; either way, he constructed Bitcoin for all types of transactions.

Champions TCG website homepage banner
Business 28 September 2023

The economics of Champions TCG second generation mint

Champions TCG second-gen monsters consist of 149 new Champions with new elements and abilities, and this million card mint eclipses Bitmap as the largest NFT collection atop any blockchain.