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Editorial 31 March 2024


Much like Jesus Christ conquering death, BSV stood the test of time, vanquishing challenges that came its way and overcoming adversity to become the powerful blockchain network it is now.

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Editorial 26 March 2024

Build the future with sCrypt

In this new chapter for BSV blockchain, the message is clear: the true measure of the blockchain's value lies not in the past controversies but in the innovations of the present and future.

Martti & Satoshi by Kurt Wuckert Jr.
Editorial 12 March 2024

Martti & Satoshi

Martti Malmi and Satoshi Nakamoto's communications also reveal Nakamoto's thoughts on Bitcoin's scalability and its comparative advantage over traditional financial systems like Visa.

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Editorial 5 March 2024

Don’t disrupt me, bro!

Drawing a parallel to automobile innovation, the BSV blockchain faces similar issues; despite its potential to handle over 1 million transactions per second, it faces resistance from "crypto" advocates.

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Editorial 27 February 2024

Experts agree

From the catastrophic miscalculations of Chernobyl to the economic meltdown of 2008, and a few goodies in between, the lesson is clear: sometimes, the experts get it spectacularly wrong.

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Editorial 20 February 2024

Clash of cultures

COPA is trying to prove that Craig Wright is not Satoshi Nakamoto, and they are doing it by trying to show that his life's work and documents are all fantasies or forgeries and comparing Satoshi to modern BTC devs.

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Editorial 13 February 2024

Who gets hacked like this?!

The COPA v Wright trial not only highlights the vulnerabilities of security systems but also sheds light on corporate theft, which has been observed in numerous legal proceedings in the past.

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Editorial 6 February 2024

Here we go again!

Dr. Craig Wright is back in court for the COPA trial, prepared to end the speculations surrounding his identity as the true Bitcoin creator and maintain the integrity of the protocol.

Tech 30 January 2024

The next era of mining

The time to consider upgrading your mining hardware is now. The S21 and S19 K Pro Antminers offer an opportunity to stay ahead in the Bitcoin mining space.

Business partners shaking hands
Editorial 25 January 2024

Settle this like men…

To many, Dr. Craig Wright's settlement offer appears as a dramatic shift from his previous stance of defending his property ownership claims—an abrupt change some view as a retreat from his aggressive legal posturing.

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Editorial 23 January 2024

The Wright patent dispute

The Wright Brothers' patent dispute, the historical feuds in the electric industry, and the COPA v Wright case collectively illustrate the enduring challenges faced by inventors and entrepreneurs.