OpenAI building
Business 24 November 2023

A timeline of the OpenAI crisis

OpenAI is in absolute chaos following the departure of its CEO, Sam Altman, forcing its key workers to follow him in his new endeavor at Microsoft and have Board members later regret their decision.

Artificial Intelligence, Neural Network Technology
Tech 21 November 2023

Former Apple employees launch wearable AI device

Seen as the best alternative to a smartphone, Humane's AI seems to be a tech from the future with its ability to project info onto the user's palm and give users information about their surroundings.

Sam Altman with OpenAI logo in the background
Business 20 November 2023

OpenAI CEO Sam Altman ousted from company

With their clashing views over AI innovation, the board decided to remove Sam Altman from OpenAI and as CEO of the firm, but all hopes aren't lost as the entrepreneur could still make a comeback.

Smartphone with airbnb logo on the background of the world map
Business 16 November 2023

Airbnb acquires AI startup for $200 million

The $200 million acquisition of the 12-person startup Gameplanner.AI was a strategic move by Airbnb to propel the company's artificial intelligence initiatives.

Bitcoin and a dollar bill
Business 24 February 2023

How many digital currency investors lost their money?

A report from the BIS explored why digital currency users participate in the industry, patterns in their market behavior, and how current events in the industry lead to certain outcomes for traders.

Hands holding bitcoins
Editorial 23 January 2023

What’s more important: Community or Utility?

Patrick Thompson highlights the underlying importance of building a community when establishing a good business, which is often overshadowed by the need for utility.

3d rendering of a new year 2023 illuminated sign on a futuristic motherboard microchip — Photo
Editorial 31 December 2022

2023 blockchain trends that lead to success

As trust in blockchain and all its buzzwords wane, 2023 will be a challenging period to market products tied to these techs, with businesses needing a new approach to tackle this issue head-on.

Human hand reaching web 3.0 abstract vector
Editorial 26 December 2022

Web 3.0 at Miami Art Week

Retail investors talk poorly of blockchain projects and are skeptical about their future because most of them invested in vaporware which is now down 85% on their initial investment.