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Tech 21 January 2021

Comment sections on Bitcoin

There are Bitcoin SV applications that feature content creation, but all have different means for commenting on content, Joshua Henslee writes.

Tech 21 January 2021

Nvidia considers restart of block reward mining GPUs

An Nvidia executive said if demand in the digital currency market picked up to a “meaningful” level, the company could again start selling specialized cards to address the mining demand.

Tech 18 January 2021

Miner maker MicroBT rumored to be close to IPO

The Chinese block reward miner manufacturer is preparing for an imminent initial public offering (IPO) that could see the firm debut on the Nasdaq over the coming weeks, according to reports.

Tech 13 January 2021

Mining difficulty on BTC network hits record high

Mining difficulty is a relative measure of the competitiveness for discovering blocks on the BTC network, rising and falling based on the amount of computing power consumed by the network.