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logo of hodlocker
Tech 30 November 2023

HODL Monitor optimizes how we consume information

The idea of HODL Monitor is for users to receive push notifications and quickly consume locked, on-chain content without visiting or any other interface that supports locking.

close up image of bitcoin placed on blue circuit board
Tech 29 November 2023

Bitcoin is the exchange

sCrypt released a blog and implementation of token limit orders using Bitcoin script—an evolution of the on-chain Order Lock technology, allowing purchases of tokens and NFTs directly on-chain.

AI technology in agriculture image concept
Tech 26 November 2023

Japan turns to AI-based robots for agriculture

Japanese farmers embrace AI as Agrist's cucumber-harvesting robot excels and Inaho leases a tomato harvester to a Dutch farm, hinting global expansion amid heightened regulatory scrutiny in Japan.

Artificial Intelligence, Neural Network Technology
Tech 21 November 2023

Former Apple employees launch wearable AI device

Seen as the best alternative to a smartphone, Humane's AI seems to be a tech from the future with its ability to project info onto the user's palm and give users information about their surroundings.

Blockchain graphics
Tech 20 November 2023

On-chain limit orders using covenants

sCrypt has developed limit orders on chain and it is based on a type of smart contract called covenants, where an output can be spent only if the transaction that spends it meets specific criteria.