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Digital asset regulations
Business 14 hours ago

Nigerians demand clear digital asset regulations

Industry leaders, startup founders and the country’s Minister of Finance have joined calls for the country’s securities regulator to issue a clear policy framework for the sector.

Zetly case study
Business 17 July 2024

Zetly case study

Zetly is making a real difference in shaping the future of sports and entertainment through its technological and strategic efforts to integrate blockchain, NFTs, and other emerging technologies.

COPA v Wright banner
Business 16 July 2024

Craig Wright barred from further Satoshi lawsuits

The judgment contained rulings on several injunctions that were requested by the Crypto Open Patent Alliance (COPA) following their victory in March’s blockbuster Satoshi identity trial.

Central Bank Digital Currency
Business 16 July 2024

Israel postpones CBDC launch

After successful pilots and collaboration with the Bank of International Settlements, BOI Deputy Governor Andrew Abir said it was waiting for a major Western central bank to launch before implementing Israel's CBDC.