bitcoin with block letters etf
Editorial 30 October 2023

Bitcoin ETFs—downside risk ahead!

Many in the so-called "crypto" industry herald the coming of spot ETFs as the 'opening of the BTC floodgates' to the average investor, practically assuring the jump in BTC price as a result.

The concept of the digital currency of the Central Bank CBDC
Business 25 September 2023

Are CBDCs financial innovation or tool of oppression?

CBDCs are being seen as key to financial inclusion, but many do not realize that creating an inclusive system lies on the network where the actual tool is built—one that promotes transparency.

Bitcoin falling apart into binary numbers
Editorial 25 July 2023

Bitcoin is not ‘crypto’

There is no crypto in Bitcoin. When people use the word crypto, they are just using the short form for cryptography, which uses tools and codes to create messages intended only for the recipient.

Golden Bitcoin Cryptocurrency
Editorial 3 July 2023

What does a stable protocol mean?

In this article, Jerry Chan explains why having a stable Bitcoin protocol also has some legal considerations that may become important as time goes on.

Domino Effect
Business 19 June 2023

SEC and ‘crypto’—the first domino

With the latest SEC lawsuits, Binance and other exchanges are in hot water, legally and business-wise, as most reasonable investors turn elsewhere with their capital.

Cave painting of primitive hunt
Editorial 30 May 2023

The beginning of History

Storing data via paper has been going around for centuries, but the advent of blockchain technology brings a new life to how humans record information.

Bitcoin on top of Money stack, against blurry background
Editorial 17 May 2023

BRC-20 and Bitcoin NFTs—A new era for Bitcoin?

Thanks to the smart folks who created the Ordinals, the BTC network exploded with activity recently, but sadly the network performance slowed to a halt, forcing even Binance to halt withdrawals.

IPv6 Internet Protocol on server room background.
Tech 29 March 2023

Bitcoin and IPv6

Part 1 of The Bitcoin Masterclasses by Dr. Craig Wright discusses the possibilities of Bitcoin IPv6 and the potential revolutionary applications that can be built upon it.

Pile of golden bitcoin
Business 28 March 2023

Difference between Bitcoin software, network, and protocol

When someone says “BSV” or “BTC” what is it that you think of? Is it the coin which is traded on an exchange? Is it the platform, upon which people develop blockchain applications? Is it the peer-to-peer network of nodes? Or is it the software that runs said nodes?