Cave painting of primitive hunt
Editorial 30 May 2023

The beginning of History

Storing data via paper has been going around for centuries, but the advent of blockchain technology brings a new life to how humans record information.

Bitcoin on top of Money stack, against blurry background
Editorial 17 May 2023

BRC-20 and Bitcoin NFTs—A new era for Bitcoin?

Thanks to the smart folks who created the Ordinals, the BTC network exploded with activity recently, but sadly the network performance slowed to a halt, forcing even Binance to halt withdrawals.

IPv6 Internet Protocol on server room background.
Tech 29 March 2023

Bitcoin and IPv6

Part 1 of The Bitcoin Masterclasses by Dr. Craig Wright discusses the possibilities of Bitcoin IPv6 and the potential revolutionary applications that can be built upon it.

Pile of golden bitcoin
Business 28 March 2023

Difference between Bitcoin software, network, and protocol

When someone says “BSV” or “BTC” what is it that you think of? Is it the coin which is traded on an exchange? Is it the platform, upon which people develop blockchain applications? Is it the peer-to-peer network of nodes? Or is it the software that runs said nodes?

Partial view of man holding brick with 'privacy'
Editorial 21 February 2023

An uncomfortable truth…privacy, not anonymity!

Privacy is not the same as anonymity, as it means keeping information out of reach to anyone it shouldn’t concern, while anonymity is a word whose meaning has been twisted.

Man hand with phone, AI concept
Editorial 24 January 2023

2023: The year of AI

While offering limitless possibilities, the risks of using artificial intelligence remain, including the possibility of data being mishandled and violating existing laws like copyright and intellectual property regulations.

New Year 2023 replace 2022 on the sea beach concept. — Photo
Editorial 2 January 2023

Farewell to 2022… Hello 2023!

2022 witnessed the dashing dreams of BTC loyalists who called for the price to hit $100k, given their infallible plan to get rich by HODLing, while the Defi crowd got their time in the sun.

bitcoin in front on bitcoins
Tech 14 December 2022

ZK Proof of Reserves

Proof of Reserves proves that clients' funds are in safe hands, and while it is not a 100% guarantee that the funds won't disappear in an instant, it assures investors that their money is still there.

Close-up shot of pile silver bitcoins — Stock Editorial Photography
Tech 30 November 2022

The holy grail of blockchain tech—now on Bitcoin SV

Zk-proofs (or zk-SNARKs) are basically a way in which a party (or prover) can prove their knowledge of something secret to a second party (a verifier) without revealing the actual thing in public.