Modern Vitruvian man and computer data
Editorial 18 March 2024

TimeChain that preserves humanity in digital age

The COPA v Wright trial is more than just knowing Satoshi's identity; it is also about the importance of blockchain in combating digital cancer, which grows at the same pace as humanity's evolution.

A broken or cracked Bitcoin
Editorial 6 March 2024

BTC is more corrupt than fiat

While the narrative about BTC being digital gold continues, one major thing that debunks this is its inability to have real productive value and utility, thus offering no contribution to the world.

Bitcoin Merkle Tree illustration
Tech 5 March 2024

Is Bitcoin’s Merkle tree a binary search tree?

While BTC developers argue that the Merkle Tree is not a binary search tree, Dr. Craig Wright reiterated that it is, noting that it's structured to perform various functions and goals in a binary function.

Bronze statuette with scales of justice
Editorial 23 January 2024

To prove a negative in COPA v. Wright

COPA has a chance to win the case if it can provide a convincing negative proof that would invalidate Dr. Wright's identity claim, which would be impossible to find if he is Satoshi Nakamoto.

Blockchain technology image
Editorial 17 January 2024

The mystery of 26.9 BTC paid to the Genesis block

The 29.6 BTC security deposit to the Genesis block had many suspect it could be from Dr. Craig Wright and was made for core developers, creating an air of peculiarity that is hard to put aside.