Tech 28 April 2021

Bitcoin smart contract 2.0: Part 2

In this article, Xiaohui Liu explains how to implement an alternative contract for achieving fair coin toss as developed in reference.

Editorial 29 March 2021

Square Crypto misunderstands Bitcoin…and mythology

Inventing your own mythology to shoehorn an agenda is something else entirely: propaganda. In Square Crypto’s new “Book of Bitcoin Mythology,” they have created one such example of propaganda.

Editorial 26 March 2021

How soon is ‘soon’?

It seems that some Bitcoin SV observers believe that when an enterprise or government body announces it is building something on Bitcoin SV, the expectation is it will be live nearly instantaneously.

Business 8 March 2021

Why we invested in UNISOT

UNISOT understands Bitcoin’s potential to play this role in our highly interconnected global economy, is first to pursue Bitcoin for these ends, and has an experienced team capable of realizing this vision.

Events 8 March 2021

Celebrating International Women’s Day 2021

For this year’s International Women’s Day, Chloe Tartan, research scientist at nChain and co-founder of Women in Blockchain & STEM, reflects on her experiences and lessons learned in female leadership.

Editorial 2 February 2021

2021 and the BTC end game

In today’s Information Age, we have more access to knowledge than ever before, but being able to filter through the noise intelligently has become the biggest challenge, George Siosi Samuels writes.

Business 29 January 2021

Bitcoin White Paper Statement of Jan 29, 2021

By taking action against certain misusers of the white paper, Dr. Craig Wright aims to bring awareness to the Bitcoin system that is described within it, and to distinguish the system from others using the Bitcoin name.

Business 20 January 2021

Bitcoin unlocks the future of gaming

Haste is serving as a proof-of-concept for a powerful incentive mechanism that can be used for countless future games and other applications, Unbounded Capital’s Dave Mullen-Muhr writes.