Alexander Mann interview with Monetix
Business 24 May 2023

Reducing greenwashing with Proof of ESG via blockchain

Blockchain is said to be key to providing solutions to various global issues, including achieving sustainability, which Proof of ESG's Alexander Mann highlighted in this recent interview with Monetix.

Data analyzing in exchange stock market
Editorial 3 May 2023

I assume the price of BSV is not manipulated

BSV distancing itself from the 'crypto' market has revealed its true price, which is linked to its ability to provide actual utility to users and not based on mere speculation.

Hand using tablet with bitcoin link network and online concept
Business 3 April 2023

BSV is a digital microscope for atomic price discovery

BSV blockchain allows users to do microtransactions seamlessly, and with the limited supply of BSV sats, it encourages a deeper valuation of goods and services against Bitcoin as a "hard-cash" system.

Green color of futuristic hud banner that has the delisted on user interface
Business 29 March 2023

The tradition of delisting BSV

While the tradition of delisting BSV on exchanges may seem worrying to traders and investors, the actual reason behind it is far from what everyone has in mind.

Job and His Friends painting.
Editorial 1 March 2023

Satoshi Nakamoto reads Book of Job

The Book of Job is a complex book with the main question of why and how hardships led by the divine happen to seemingly righteous people.