Editorial 25 March 2021

Nobody is attacking Craig Wright

After we have witnessed years of harassment against Dr. Craig Wright, it might be time to wake up to the fact that actually nobody is attacking him, Dr. Michael Wehrmann writes.

Editorial 1 March 2021

Why Bitcoin’s supply is limited

People know the supply of Bitcoin is limited, but do they know why this is the case, Dr. Michael Wehrmann asks.

Business 20 October 2020

Bitcoin is bound under contract

There are legal dimensions to Bitcoin that are overseen but vital to understand as they hint at how things might play out in the future—especially concerning BSV in comparison to BTC.

Interviews 13 October 2020

Jack Liu: People need a reason to use Bitcoin

RelayX founder Jack Liu talks to Dr. Michael Wehrmann about the success of Streamanity, onboarding new content creators and how to grow Bitcoin SV’s user base in general.