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Business 1 June 2022

Check out this week’s CoinGeek Word Bounty—Web3

This week, CoinGeek made ‘Web3’ our Word Bounty over at SLictionary. If you think you can define it, and the community agrees that your definition is the best, you could pocket $25 in Bitcoin SV.

Artistic cutlery fork and knife macro on plate
Business 13 May 2022

CoinGeek Word Bounty of the week: FORKING

As always, you can attempt to define this word on SLictionary for a shot at $25 worth of BSV or vote for your favorite definitions for less than $0.01 per vote. Have at it!

Business 5 May 2022

CoinGeek Word Bounty on SLictionary: NEWS!

This week, it’s a word we’re all familiar with: NEWS. We all know what it is, but how would you define it for someone who had never heard of it before?

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Business 28 April 2022

SLictionary Word Bounty of the week: TOKENS

There are still plenty of words awaiting their first definition that have been there for weeks, like Deja Vu, Texas, California, and happiness, so head over to the SLictionary Word Bounty page today!