Featuring ‘ASICs’ as CoinGeek’s Word Bounty of the week

Featuring ‘ASICs’ as CoinGeek’s Word Bounty of the week

Wordsmiths and slingers, it’s that time of the week again; the CoinGeek word bounty on SLictionary is live. There’s $25 in BSV up for grabs, and it’s all yours if you can craft the best definition of ASICs.

Experts have an edge when it comes to definitions

Before we get into the other definitions for this week, here are some insights from SLictionary co-founder John ‘Jack’ Pitts:

“Last week’s winner of the TOKENS Word Bounty contest, James Belding of Tokenized, proved that experts have a competitive advantage for words near and dear to their individual specialty. James was the earliest developer of a TOKENS solution in the Bitcoin ecosystem, and therefore he has thought long and hard about what the words mean. It showed in the voting. When looking over Word Bounties, your relationship to the word itself can be a better signal for whether to enter the contest than the price of the bounty.

“Another thing worth mentioning, is James’s paymail signature on his definition will not only act as an entertaining ‘easter egg’ (define that!) for those who seek his definition and recognize his name, but the signature on his definition acts as a patronage-type of marketing for his company. While it’s shame Run, STAS, Simple, and Sensible token creators didn’t enter the contest, they can STILL compete for words like TOKEN, TOKENS and TOKENIZED simply by pressing the plus button on our main seek page SLictionary.com and crafting a sensational definition!”

So, if you’re a specialist in any field, it’s worth looking at the current word bounties and trying to craft your own definitions. According to SLictionary’s creator, you’ll have a competitive edge over the other contestants.

Other Word Bounties for this week

As we mentioned last week, things are heating up on SLictionary. New word bounties are going live thick and fast, and the definitions are becoming more creative. Therefore, there are several new, high-value word bounties this week.

  1. Cacao – There are very few humans who don’t enjoy a warm cup of hot chocolate or a slice of a delicious chocolate bar, and cacao is the raw material from which both are made. However, stating what it is in such a matter-of-fact way isn’t going to win you the $10.01 bounty on this word. You’ll have to get more creative than that.
  2. Genuine – We all like genuine people, and we’d rather have a genuine product than a knock-off version. It’s easy to give examples of what genuine means, but if you can define it in an interesting or entertaining way, you could win the $10 bounty on this word this week.
  3. Numpty – This is a British word that many others worldwide might not be familiar with. It means a ‘stupid or ineffectual person.’ For example, Max Keiser is a numpty who doesn’t understand Bitcoin, although he likes to pretend he does. Can you define numpty in a way that’s fun and gets to the heart of what the word means? If so, the $10 BSV bounty could be yours.
  4. Masonry – This is one of those interesting words that can be used to define two closely related things: the word done by masons or the trade itself. Fancy having a go at defining it for SLictionary users? If you do so, you could win $2.01 in BSV. Remember what Jack Pitts said above; those who are masons or work in a closely related trade will probably have an advantage in defining it.
  5. Backseat Driver – We’ve all been in the car with a backseat driver, someone who likes to instruct us even though they’re not behind the wheel. However, this word can be used in other ways. For example, it’s sometimes used to describe leaders who don’t lead from the front. If you have a better way to describe it, why not do so for a chance to win the $1 bounty on it this week?

How to participate in SLictionary word bounties

Let’s wrap up with a quick reminder on how to participate in SLictionary’s word bounties.

  1. First, click the word you want to define. This will open a form with various fields to fill in.
  2. Next, write your definition, upload an image (GIFs go over well with voters), and fill in the other details, such as an example sentence.
  3. Finally, click ‘submit word’ and pay <$0.01 with Money Button. SLictionary users will then vote on their favorite definitions, and if you win, the bounty will appear in your wallet once the vote is over.

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