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It’s that time of the week again; CoinGeek’s weekly word bounty on SLictionary is now live. This week, it’s a word we’re all familiar with: NEWS. We all know what it is, but how would you define it for someone who had never heard of it before? If you think you can offer the best definition of NEWS, head over to SLictionary and try your luck for a shot at the $25 bounty.

A status update from SLictionary co-founder John ‘Jack’ Pitts

“What’s fascinating to watch, is there’s already identifiable advantages for competitive Word$miths which are visible to those watching closely. For instance, it’s apparent that first-mover advantage— defining the word on the first day it’s put up for bounty—IS an advantage. However, early birds must also craft a high-quality definition, including picture/GIF and audio, or else it can suffer a loss from higher quality definitions submitted late,” SLictionary co-founder John “Jack” Pitts told CoinGeek.

“BLOCK was a perfect example of a 5th grader getting first-mover advantage, her early lead in votes held off competitors catching-up because she did a nice job with the definition. Whereas CITADEL’s first submitted definition, by [email protected], appears to be getting overtaken in the voting by [email protected], thanks to the latter’s definition including a sweet picture of a giant actual citadel!” he added.

This quote demonstrates how SLictionary is growing as more users catch onto the idea and the bounties become more competitive. The word bounties no doubt play a role in this. After all, who wouldn’t want the chance to win some Bitcoin SV just for being creative and defining words your own way?

Other weekly Word Bounties right now

As well as publishing the current CoinGeek Word Bounty, we like to cover some of the other options. Here are some other words that currently have bounties on them.

Pixy – What’s the first thing that comes to mind when you think of a pixy? Why not describe it, complete with imagery and audio if you prefer, for a shot at winning the $2.30 bounty on this word right now?

Robust – Bitcoin is a robust network, but what does that really mean in practice? If you think you can define robust better than other SLictionary word slingers, you could win $1.26 in BSV.

Mining – It’s a fundamental concept in Bitcoin, but it’s also how we get gold, silver, and other precious metals and minerals from the earth. What is the essence of mining? If you can pinpoint and explain it well, you could win $1.25 in BSV this week.

GIF – We covered this last week, but it’s worth mentioning again. GIFs have become a key factor in winning the SLictionary word bounties, and they’re a fundamental part of the internet these days. How would you explain a GIF to someone who’d never seen one, and which GIF would you attach as an example? If you can do it best, there’s $1.01 in BSV up for grabs.

Axiomatic – This is more of an abstract concept rather than a concrete one. You might know how to use axiomatic in a sentence, but we’re willing to bet you’ll have some difficulty crafting a precise definition of what it means. Up for the challenge? There’s a $1.01 bounty on this word this week.

Expergefactor – As a professional writer and former English language instructor, it’s not often that I encounter a new word. This is one of those occasions. If you know what it means, why not help me and others understand it for a chance to take home the $1 BSV bounty?

Proactive – It’s always better to solve a problem before it happens or to have a plan for when something inevitably takes place. That’s a decent definition of being proactive, but if you think you can do better, try your hand at defining it for a chance to win $1.

Value – This is one of those words that could mean multiple things. You go into the market looking for value, but you also have at least one inner value you’d kill and die for, such as freedom or family. How do you define value? Do it your way for a chance to win the $1 bounty on this word.

Bravado – We know it when we see it, but how do you define it in words? Bravado currently has a $0.50 bounty on it, and it’s awaiting its first definition.

Prompt – Another word with potentially more than one meaning is prompt. I can prompt you to do something, or you can make a prompt delivery to please your customers. Define prompt your way to win $0.50 in BSV.

Good luck, Word$lingers! May the best definitions win…

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