Dr. Craig Wright on the street
Business 18 September 2023

Cøbra appeal denied in victory for open justice

Cøbra had been successfully sued by Dr. Craig Wright for violating the latter’s copyright in the Bitcoin white paper as its author; the only matter left to decide was how much of Dr. Wright’s legal costs must be paid by Cøbra as the losing party.

Digital Euro card
Business 7 September 2023

European Central Bank embraces digital euro

Fabio Panetta of the ECB claims the proposed legislation on the region's digital euro would be beneficial to European citizens while keeping the monetary policy on a tight leash to avoid instability.

Judges gavel and block against the flag of China
Business 6 September 2023

Digital assets recognized as legal property in China

While whether digital assets are subject to property rights is being debated, a court in China has ruled that digital currencies are not illegal items, thereby putting them under the rule of law.

Delayed word in red ink on paper being held by a senior man
Business 4 September 2023

BTC gains shortlived as SEC delays ETP decisions

BTC has given back almost all of the gains from Grayscale’s victory over the SEC, where a federal court ordered the securities regulator to reconsider its decision to deny a proposed spot BTC ETP.