Business 15 April 2021

Coinbase suspends ETH, ERC20 withdrawals

The company announced it was temporarily disabling withdrawals for Ethereum-based tokens ERC20 and ETH today, less than 24 hours after Coinbase shares hit the market.

Business 13 April 2021

Bitcoin, ethics and resisting change

Authors of a chapter published by IntechOpen analyse the societal response to blockchain and Bitcoin, identifying a lack of nuance in the general conversation surrounding the issue.

Business 1 April 2021

Tether is still lying to you

Tether is becoming an artisan at promising to provide an audit showing that its stablecoin is fully backed and then doing everything in its power to avoid exactly that.

Business 23 March 2021

Financial Action Task Force releases updated guidance

The revised guidance comes after a 12-month review of the initial release, which found that some jurisdictions’ AML and CFT regimes with respect to digital assets were still underdeveloped or not developed at all.

Business 19 March 2021

The NFT craze is being driven by ignorance

As more and more NFTs reach ridiculous valuations, it is becoming obvious that the market is almost entirely blind to what an NFT is—and what it is not.

Business 17 March 2021

Crypto Crime Cartel: Binance investigated by CFTC

Binance is the subject of an active investigation by the Commodity Futures Trading Commission for potentially offering digital asset derivative products to U.S. citizens in contravention of U.S. regulations.