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CoinGeek Word Bounty of the week: FORKING

It’s that time of the week again! This week, CoinGeek has put a $25 BSV bounty on the word FORKING.

As always, you can attempt to define this word on SLictionary for a shot at $25 worth of BSV. You can also vote on your favorite definitions for less than $0.01 per vote. Have at it!

Are there any tips for crafting winning definitions on SLictionary?

If you’re looking for a quick tip on crafting your definitions, read what John “Jack” Pitts, co-founder of SLictionary, says about what’s working well so far:

“When contestants attempt to write a bounty word, there’s an inclination to just repeat what is found in legacy dictionaries. This is a costly mistake on multiple counts.

“For one thing, it assumes voters are not vigilant. Voters have actually shown to be quite good— almost surprisingly so—at identifying the most creative and original definitions, and discarding the plagiaristic ones. When you think about it, it only takes 3 seconds to reverse-lookup a definition on a search engine and find out if the contestant sampled from an old dictionary source. But the REAL problem for potential Word$miths, is that definitions in legacy dictionaries just aren’t very good and are easily beaten.

“People just don’t give themselves and their own communication and teaching abilities enough credit. The most-used dictionary on the earth, even today in our internet-dominated world, is the knowledge inside the brains of the people closest to you. Asking other people what a word means has ALWAYS been the most-used source of information. It’s the nature of human society!

“When defining a word, the best strategy is just to understand what the word means yourself and then explain it on SLictionary in your own words—as if you were instructing a child what it means. When a wordsmith does it that way, it’s magic and warms the heart of the voting public.”

Some other word bounties on SLictionary this week

Over the past few months, things have been heating up over at SLictionary as lots of new word bounties go live. Here are five other words you can attempt to define this week.

Abortion – This word is sure to elicit some emotive responses. A straight medical definition probably isn’t going to win the most votes on this one. If you think you can define abortion best, you could win $2.01 in BSV.

Angel – Some claim to have seen them, others claim they’re a myth, but we’d all like to think they’re looking out for us in dangerous times. What is an angel to you? Define it this week for a chance to win the $1.03 bounty.

Claimed – Almost every week, words pop up with more than one definition. For example, stablecoin issuer Tether has repeatedly claimed it is backed but has never proven it. Another meaning of this word could be that I claimed free coupons or another bonus offer from a website. Yet another definition could be that you claimed from an insurance company when you were injured in an accident. How do you define claimed? Give it a shot for a chance to win $1.00 in BSV.

Gender – Oh, boy! This one is a hot topic right now, so it’s bound to get some interesting definitions. For some, gender is binary: you’re a boy or a girl. Others say it’s a social construct and is a much more fluid concept. What do you think? Have your say for a shot at the $1 bounty.

Ironic – Irony is something we all recognize when we see it, but it can be challenging to define. For example, in the iconic movie The Matrix, Morpheus tells Neo, “Fate, it seems, is not without a sense of irony,” when describing how the arrogant celebration of human technological progress led to the downfall of human civilization. How would you explain what ironic means to someone who didn’t understand it? If you think you can manage it, you could win $1 in BSV this week.

Wor$miths – win BSV while the competition is still reasonable

The SLictionary word bounties are heating up, and week after week, we see more users attempt to define words and vote on their favorite definitions. Soon, the competition will be a lot stiffer, so now’s the ideal time to try your luck and see if you can win some bounties. Good luck!

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