Check out this week’s CoinGeek Word Bounty—Web3

One of the big topics at the recently held BSV Global Blockchain Convention was Web3 and how it will impact everything from communication to financial services. Yet, if you ask 10 different people, you’ll get 10 different answers as to what Web3 really is.

Therefore, this week, CoinGeek made ‘Web3’ our Word Bounty over at SLictionary. If you think you can define it, and the community agrees that your definition is the best, you could pocket $25 in Bitcoin SV.

How do SLictionary Word Bounties work?

For those who don’t know, users of SLictionary can both define words and pay to have them defined. When it’s the latter, you place a ‘bounty’ on the word, and the definition that gets the most votes from other users wins. Like everything on BSV, defining words, voting, and other activities on SLictionary are fueled by micropayments on the blockchain.

“What’s truly amazing to watch, is there’s a lot of ‘like, retweet, follow’ giveaways for $25 on Twitter in which 250 people will spend 30 seconds of their life doing these click-tasks for an expected return of $25/250 = $0.10. Yet with last week’s word ‘ASICS’ there were 4 entries with an expected value of over $8.00,” SLictionary co-founder John ‘Jack’ Pitts said. “Defining words on SLictionary’s Word Bounty page is about the most effective way of ‘topping up’ you can find in the entire BSV app ecosystem. With just 10 minutes of researching a word and getting creative juices flowing, you can easily define one of our many bounties and win to obtain a balance of BitCoin that allows you to spend money on the micro-transaction sites for a long time before needing to exchange fiat for BitCoin. In fact, if you become a professionalized WordSmith like eolio, you’ll likely never need to buy BitCoin again!”

Each week, CoinGeek places a $25 bounty on one word or term, but there are lots of other bounties up for grabs, too. Let’s look at some of the current bounties now.

Other SLictionary word bounties this week

  • Arabic – This is the most lucrative bounty we’ve seen in a while, giving you a shot at $100 if you come up with the best definition. We all know it’s a word to describe a group of people from the Middle East, but what is the essence of being Arabic? We’ll leave that to you to decide. Don’t sleep on this one—the contest only lasts until June 2!
  • MSA – MSA means Mashallah in Arabic. The great thing about SLictionary is you get to define things your way, adding more depth and meaning to words and terms we often define in impersonal, uninspiring ways. The community gets to decide which definition wins out, which means the best definition connected with them. This term has a bounty of $10 on it until June 2.
  • Bricked Up – This one is sure to attract some interesting definitions. According to the Urban Dictionary, it’s slang for ‘sporting a boner’ or ‘flying at full mast.’ Can you, as a Word$mith, define it better? If so, you could walk away with $5.90 in BSV.
  • I am thankful for – A bone dry definition of this term would be a way to express gratitude. However, with some creativity, you can probably do a better job than that. If you craft the best definition, you’ll get the $2 BSV bounty.
  • Gloria in Excelsis Deo – Many will know this as the popular Christian Hymn of the Angels. However, it likely means a lot more than that to practitioners of the faith. Can you bring this definition to life and give it a spark of color and creativity? If so, there’s $1 in BSV up for grabs.

Tips for winning: In previous weeks, Pitts shared some tips for winning. He noted that GIFs seem to enhance the popularity of definitions, and he pointed out that experts or people with some experience in a given field tend to win more frequently. So, if you work in ‘Web3’ development, you could have a better chance at winning this week’s word bounty from CoinGeek. That said, having no experience working in the field shouldn’t put you off!

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