CoinGeek Word Bounty

CoinGeek Word Bounty is back with ‘TELE-PATHETIC’

CoinGeek is back with another word bounty, and this time, you’ll have to cast aside your Cambridge dictionary because you likely won’t find this one in it.

The term “Tele-Pathetic was used by Bitcoin’s inventor, Dr. Craig Wright, in a recent tweet challenging BTC maximalists to explain how their Raspberry Pi nodes bring any value to the Bitcoin network. You’ll have to define this term best to win the $25 SLictionary Word Bounty for this word.

What is a SLictionary Word Bounty?

For those who don’t know, SLictionary means Self-Learning dictionary. It was co-founded by entrepreneur John ‘Jack’ Pitts, and the idea is to allow the community to offer their own definitions of words in exchange for rewards. In this case, CoinGeek has put up $25 worth of BSV for the winner.

Defining a word will cost you a tiny micropayment, and then the community will vote on their favorite definition. If you get the most votes, the $25 in BSV is all yours.

Oh, and you can also offer your word bounties if there’s a term you’d like to see defined.

Other SLictionary Word Bounties this week

After you’ve defined tele-pathetic, take a look at some of the other terms you could define on SLictionary this week for BSV rewards.

  • Defenestrated – According to the traditional dictionary, defenestrate means to remove someone from a position of power or to throw them out of a window. Given all the Russian oligarchs falling out of windows in recent times, I’m certain SLictionary users will have a lot of fun with this one. Don’t forget you can use GIFs and other media to enhance your definitions. The current bounty on this word is $3.10.
  • Coruscant – Star Wars fans, step right up; this definition is for you. Coruscant is the city-covered planet and the heart of the galaxy. Can you define it better? Previous bounties have proven that experts and mega-fans stand a better chance of winning. If you win this one, you could take home $3.01.
  • Phenomenon – Yes, it’s the title of a cheesy ’90s movie starring John Travolta, but phenomenon also means “a fact or situation that is observed to exist or happen” or a “remarkable person or thing.” One could say that Bitcoin is a phenomenon by the second definition. Think you can define it in a way the community will love? Have at it for your shot at $3.01.
  • Economic Rent – Calling all economists, professional and amateur, this is your chance to shine. According to Wikipedia, it means a payment made to an owner or factor of production above the costs needed to produce it. The bounty on this word is $2.33.
  • I Am Thankful For – We can all think of something we are grateful for—our health, families, opportunities, and being alive. Why not define this phrase for a shot at the $2 bounty?

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