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SLictionary Word Bounty of the week: TOKENS

Do you fancy yourself as a wordsmith? Would you like to make $25 in Bitcoin SV just for defining the word TOKENS? CoinGeek has placed a $25 bounty on that exact word this week. Head over to SLictionary for a shot at winning.

Word bounties this week—define other words to win Bitcoin SV

CoinGeek’s bounty is not the only one you can take a shot at. SLictionary has a thriving community of language lovers who define and vote on word definitions. Heck, you can even set your own Word Bounty up if you like.

SLictionary co-founder John ‘Jack’ Pitts said it best:

“We’re seeing Word$miths really up their creative game from these frequent contests; for instance, Eric from Holland (“eolio”) recently delivered a beautiful GIF of a BLOCKHEAD which he hand-crafted using creative tools. We’re witnessing first-hand a new industry develop, with participants getting better at creative skills similar to how they might improve at a sport or eSport. The great thing is, our eLearning knowledge seekers see the benefit every time an intellectually clever or artistically creative “aithlete” (artistic & intellectual athlete) wins a Word Bounty.”

As you can see, SLictionary definitions allow you to use more than just words. Images such as GIFs can add to the richness of meanings.

Now, about those other Word Bounties…

(1) Bastion – This is one of those words with a couple of common definitions. It can mean part of a fortification built at an angle to the line of a wall to allow for defensive fire, but it can also mean an institution, place, or person firmly maintaining solid principles. For example, some would say that France is a bastion of liberty and democracy. How do you define bastion? Have your say for a shot at $10 worth of BSV.

(2) Citadel – CoinGeek’s Kurt Wucker Jr. and friends have recently launched the Florida Citadel as a hub for Bitcoin development and innovation. Citadel has a special meaning in the digital currency space, and many speak of living in them in the future. What does Citadel mean to you? This word currently has a $10 bounty on it.

(3) Constitution – Another word with a double meaning. The constituent parts of something or the fundamental principles and established precedents upon which a state is founded or governed. For example, the United States constitution is its foundational document, and many would argue you can’t change the constitution without fundamentally altering the soul of the nation. Fancy defining ‘constitution’ on SLictionary? If the community likes your definition, it could earn you $10 on BSV.

(4) Grumpa – This word has two very distinct meanings depending on whether you ask the traditional dictionary or the urban dictionary to define it. According to the former, it means neat and clean. According to the latter, it’s slang for a large bowel movement, usually with a cigarette in one’s mouth, used by Mainers. Aren’t words wonderful? Define Grumpa your way for a shot at the $2.01 bounty.

(5) Paywall – One of the most controversial features of the modern internet is paywalls. Heck, the site owners can’t entirely be blamed; they have to pay the bills, but paywalls do run contrary to what the web was supposed to stand for in some people’s eyes. How do you define them? Can BSV make them obsolete or transform them? Answer your way for a shot at the $1 BSV bounty.

Word Bounties are growing fast

There are still plenty of words awaiting their first definition that have been there for weeks. Deja Vu, Texas, California, and happiness have all featured in previous weeks’ coverage.

However, this week saw a new influx of high-value bounties. As Jack Pitts said, the idea is catching on, and a new industry is developing right in front of us. Get involved on the SLictionary Word Bounty page today!

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