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Private & public keys made of circuits
Tech 6 April 2022

Pay to decrypt

sCrypt designed a smart contract called “Pay to Decrypt” that makes the exchange atomic and trustless, ensuring only a correct plaintext can redeem the locked fund.

Judge's gavel and justice scales
Business 5 April 2022

What does Wright v BTC et al mean for developer liability?

Dr. Craig Wright was in the same frustrating position as the countless other victims of digital asset theft: he knows exactly where his coins ‘sit’ on the blockchain yet is unable to access that property without the necessary private keys.

Concept of private key in digital technology
Tech 23 March 2022

Private key puzzles

sCrypt introduces a new type of Bitcoin smart contract called private key puzzles, which can only be solved by providing the corresponding private key of a given public key.

binary numbers forming a bitcoin logo
Tech 7 December 2021

The mystery of the Genesis block

When the Bitcoin software was announced in 2009, it was important that nodes joining the network could build a common history of the blockchain. Satoshi Nakamoto accomplished this by hardcoding in the “Genesis block” in the Bitcoin software.

Digital key
Tech 5 December 2021

Zero-knowledge key-statement proof

In this article, Xiaohui Liu introduces nChain's white paper #0488 titled "Zero-knowledge key-statement proofs” a special ZKP where the secret is a private key corresponding to a known public key.