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Tech 20 November 2023

On-chain limit orders using covenants

sCrypt has developed limit orders on chain and it is based on a type of smart contract called covenants, where an output can be spent only if the transaction that spends it meets specific criteria.

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Tech 30 October 2023

Homomorphic encryption on Bitcoin

To ensure data on the blockchain remains confidential and secure, sCrypt employs homomorphic encryption, which allowis computations to be performed on encrypted data without decrypting it.

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Tech 19 October 2023

sCrypt now supports Ordinals

sCrypt announces the addition of 1Sat Ordinals in its developer platform, a move that seeks to improve the tooling for ordinal inscriptions, which today remains underdeveloped.

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Tech 5 October 2023

Atomic swap between Bitcoin and Ordinals

Ordinals can be combined with Bitcoin smart contracts, and to demonstrate the power and flexibility of combining them, sCrypt locks up an ordinal into an HTLC and atomically swaps it with bitcoins.

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Tech 27 September 2023

Sealed auctions on Bitcoin

Due to the advent of blockchain technology, sealed auctions can now be implemented on-chain, offering a number of advantages over traditional auctions.