Image of bitcoin symbol and block chain
Tech 12 February 2024

The journey to scaling Bitcoin

In this article, Dr. Craig Wright recounts his "iDaemon" project in 2012, elaborating on the design and architectural blueprint of a complex software system that allows Bitcoin to scale.

Human hand with shining key
Editorial 29 January 2024

On stewardship

In the context of property or resource management, stewardship works in contrast with ownership, carrying the weight of the responsibility between the steward and the object of their supervision.

3d rendering glowing cube with chain
Business 25 January 2024

On fiduciaries

The case of Bitcoin’s original design exemplifies decentralisation because its development, maintenance, and decision-making processes involve a broad and distributed network of independent developers, miners, and users.

Visa and Mastercard cards
Editorial 15 January 2024

Fintech and Visa vs. Mastercard

Visa and Mastercard remain the giants in the payments industry despite having different business models, but with the evolving financial landscape, will they be able to maintain this?

abstract polygonal world map
Editorial 4 January 2024

Innovation and disruptive change

Some perceive innovation as a threat and treat it as an enemy rather than an ally, failing to see it as a critical tool for growth and development and one that would help shape the future of mankind.