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Gold bitcoin inside a brown leather wallet
Business 6 April 2023

Social recovery wallets on Bitcoin

While digital assets can be recovered, implementing an extra layer of protection is still the best solution to prevent losses, and social recovery smart contracts are the way to do it.

Paper content creation applicarion
Business 28 March 2023

Start monetizing your content with Paper

One does not have to be a writer to earn with Paper, as curators can earn as well. If curators share an article and customers unlock the content via their link, they earn 5% of the payment real-time.

Power Users of BSV Poster
Interviews 28 November 2022

Power Users of BSV – SVTHOTH

In this series, Joshua Henslee talks to users of BSV applications to understand which applications they use, what the pain points are and what is needed moving forward to scale and reach mass adoption.