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Editorial 19 January 2024

Help yourself to my data—I don’t want it!

Silicon Valley giants create models that keep them at the competitive edge, even using users' data for ads, but is this enough to present them as bad guys as what fledgling firms make them out to be?

Zetly's The next generation of Web3 Digital Twin Stadiums
Business 25 April 2023

The next generation of Web3 Digital Twin Stadiums

The Web3 Digital Twin Stadiums put a spin on the virtual sports industry and digital advertising, allowing users worldwide to engage with their favorite teams while creating new revenue streams.

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Business 14 December 2022

The uncertain liabilities of digital asset advertising

Advertisements should be honest and truthful than the 'endorsing' celebrity, and advertisers are subject to liability if proven otherwise, according to the U.S. Federal Trade Commission guidelines.