Editorial 11 March 2021

Data and oil: let’s drop the crude comparison

With talk of BSV powering the world economy through a unique mix of money and data, how should we manage the ‘refining’ of the binary code of Bitcoin into human-friendly forms?

Editorial 26 February 2021

Bitcoin: What’s in a name?

Bitcoin was something new, something not just invented, but “released”: the software was designed to build on itself, to keep itself honest, to grow up.

Business 4 December 2020

SHA256 and all that: The legend of Bitcoin

Today, we have this amazing new money called Bitcoin—and if you really want to understand it, just look at the word: it’s “bit” joined to “coin.”

Interviews 12 November 2020

Richard Baker: How BSV will power the machine to machine economy

CEO Richard Baker explained that his co-founder Steve Marsh was researching an area that appears to be very different from where GeoSpock is focussed today: “back in 2010, 2011, [Steve] was doing his PhD in computer engineering at Cambridge and he set about the challenge of building a supercomputer to emulate one second of human brain function.”

Interviews 15 October 2020

Douglas Rushkoff: Hopes and doubts about Bitcoin’s beautiful vision

Douglas Rushkoff has been following technology and media for more than 30 years - ever since, as a young theatre director, he decided he’d had enough of its elitist culture: “theatres started to feel very predictable ...I was really looking for something more participatory. Interactive. Unknown. Unpredictable.”