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Tech 30 November 2022

The holy grail of blockchain tech—now on Bitcoin SV

Zk-proofs (or zk-SNARKs) are basically a way in which a party (or prover) can prove their knowledge of something secret to a second party (a verifier) without revealing the actual thing in public.

Tech 18 October 2022

How PLONK works: Part 2

In the first part of "How PLONK works," sCrypt explained how to transform a computation to prove using PLONK into an intermediate constraint system; now, they covered the other type: copy constraints.

How PLONK Works
Tech 16 October 2022

How PLONK Works: Part 1

PLONK is a zk-SNARK proof system utilizing a trusted setup that is both universal and updatable, which can be initiated once and reused by all circuits.