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Image of Dr. Craig Wright with background of glass building and palm trees
Business 9 October 2023

Craig Wright appoints leading law firm as new UK counsel

Dr. Craig Wright has appointed market leading tech law firm Shoosmiths to take over all of his U.K. cases as he gears up for a packed legal calendar, signalling one, single-minded focus: victory in January’s joint identity trial.

Golden Bitcoin cryptocurrency in the pocket of jeans with the flag of United Kingdom (UK) flag
Business 6 October 2023

UK plans to launch Digital Securities Sandbox in 2024

Helen Boyd, head of the Financial Conduct Authority, said the new sandbox pilot would explore tokenized instruments, acting more as an infrastructure sandbox in contrast to its current status.

Dr. Craig Wright on the street
Business 18 September 2023

Cøbra appeal denied in victory for open justice

Cøbra had been successfully sued by Dr. Craig Wright for violating the latter’s copyright in the Bitcoin white paper as its author; the only matter left to decide was how much of Dr. Wright’s legal costs must be paid by Cøbra as the losing party.