London Blockchain Conference logo with big ben in the background
Editorial 7 July 2023

5 lessons from the London Blockchain Conference

The LBC served as a great avenue to allow blockchain enthusiasts and experts to collaborate, learn, and clarify common queries surrounding emerging technologies, paving the path toward innovation.

Men shaking hands at the office
Business 17 April 2023

Fractional Chief Community Officers

Hiring Fractional CCOs can be a cost-effective solution for companies looking to build a strong community for a brand, product, or service.

Robot and human hand flash light and binary code
Business 8 April 2023

Dreams, intuition, and the age of AI

The development of AI has opened a promising world of new beginnings for the tech industry but not without challenges, and dreams and intuition play a critical role in redefining this technology.

WEB 2 or 3 symbol. Businessman turns a wooden cube and changes words WEB 2 to WEB 3. Beautiful grey table, grey background
Editorial 13 March 2023

The importance of firm foundations in Web3

Laws are the building blocks of economies, but law enforcement is what ensures these orders are kept, and thus, stringent directives are not all that bad and, most often, beneficial to society.

Online Community
Business 18 July 2022

The next stage of online communities: Meta-communities

The role then of the community professional will be in managing the overall ecosystem, the "meta-community," and for future meta-community builders, the approach will be a "community of communities."