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Editorial 20 January 2020

The future ecosystem of Bitcoin

Jerry Chan of Bitcoin Association clarifies the incorrect assumption that all nodes on the Bitcoin network are all supposed to be equal.

Press Releases 22 November 2018

更多公司选择Bitcoin SV

隨著第一場比特幣哈希戰爭的塵埃落定,即將變得清晰的是,企業相信最初的比特幣Satoshi Vision。

Press Releases 22 November 2018

More companies choose Bitcoin SV

As the dust settles on the first ever Bitcoin hash war, what is becoming clear is, businesses believe in the original Satoshi Vision for Bitcoin.

Business 5 November 2018

Coinseed offers crypto “cash back” program

The Delaware, U.S.-based company indicates that users of its app will be able to make purchases at a variety of online merchants and pay with a debit or credit card.