HandCash’s POP! speeds up Bitcoin SV payments for merchants

HandCash’s POP! speeds up Bitcoin SV payments for merchants

Cryptocurrency wallet and payment solutions provider HandCash has released an app specifically for merchants to handle more transactions at a time.

The company, through its ‘POP! by HandCash’ Twitter account, said that the new app was capable of 12 to 14 Bitcoin SV transactions per minute, made possible by removing the payment request step, similar to automatic payments in Apple Pay. “With our upcoming cloud infrastructure and some other business-side improvements, we can easily handle around 20 payments per minute if needed,” it said.

During the recent CoinGeek Week conference, HandCash CEO Alex Agut introduced the app, saying, “Our goal with POP! is to create the best checkout experience in the world. Not the best Bitcoin checkout experience, but the best experience, period.”

Brenden Lee of Pay it Forward said, “POP! by Handcash is a great re-imagining of the Bitcoin retail experience. It’s fast, simple and works.” He is currently developing a hardware solution specifically for the app.

“I am in the process of delivering a volume unit to market which I hope will soon be available pre-installed on a hardware-based POS [point-of-sale] solution that includes NFC [near field communication] and a printer,” Lee said.

Lee posted a video demonstration of a prototype device on Keyport TV, in which he conducts eight transactions in one minute using a Nokia 6 phone with Android system. “We are only getting started with this, but already I’d like to show you how much of a performance leap has been created in a very short period time,” Lee said in the video description.

Agut said that HandCash was planning to deploy thousands of contactless point-of-sale machines, “with a business model only possible with Bitcoin [SV],” due to the fast, zero-confirmation transactions on the network.

HandCash is among the leading companies supporting Bitcoin SV and its adherence to what makes Bitcoin a secure, stable global ledger.

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