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A platform to create and manage digital goods for the open metaverse.
Business 23 May 2022

NFTY Jigs launches crowdfunding campaign

The NFTY Jigs team is giving both consumers and accredited investors the opportunity to play a role and share in its success and will be giving out perks to the investors that contribute key amounts to their fundraising campaign.

Crowd Funding on the Cogwheels
Tech 22 March 2022

Crowdfunding on Bitcoin

Compared to Kickstarter, sCrypt’s approach is automatically enforced by Bitcoin, does not entrust funds to a trusted third party, and enjoys low fees.

A mobile phone showing a crowdfunding app
Business 5 January 2021

Here’s how you can become a Bitstocks shareholder

The Bitcoin company is looking to raise at least £500k in this round of crowdfunding, and anyone who pre-registers will get exclusive early access to participate ahead of the campaign going live to the public.