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NFTY Jigs launches crowdfunding campaign

Today, NFTY Jigs—the platform that makes it simple to create scalable, powerful NFTs and utilize them in applications and metaverses—launched its crowdfunding campaign. The NFTY Jigs team is giving both consumers and accredited investors the opportunity to play a role and share in its success and will be giving out perks to the investors that contribute key amounts to their fundraising campaign.

“Our goal for the crowdfund is to raise $500,000. Over $100,000 has already been raised,” said Jackson Laskey, CEO of NFTY Jigs.

“Citi Bank has projected that the Metaverse economy will grow to as high as $13T by 2030. We think a scalable NFT platform like NFTY Jigs which can facilitate this metaverse economy is an enormous opportunity, and also one that will require significant, ongoing investment. The crowdfund is a great way for us to continue our progress, and also include the amazing community that has been so key to helping us get to this point as investors in the company,” he added.

Metaverse and NFT

NFTY Jigs spends a lot of its time and energy creating the infrastructure that will allow metaverses and NFTs to thrive. Billions of dollars’ worth of NFTs have been sold to date, and metaverses—which often incorporate NFTs—are expected to be worth multi-trillions of dollars in the coming years. However, many gaps exist in the current NFT marketplaces and many obstacles remain in the way of metaverses becoming mass adopted. 

Most NFT marketplaces and metaverses suffer from high transaction fees that act as a barrier to entry for newcomers and slow transaction speeds that often leave consumers wondering if their purchase actually went through, if they are actually the owner of the NFT they wished to buy, or if their transaction failed but ate their transaction fee, leaving them at a loss. For metaverses and NFTs to truly pick up global traction, these problems need to be solved, transaction fees need to be unnoticeable and transaction throughput needs to be unbounded.

“NFTY Jigs is the only NFT platform today which is scalable, creator-friendly, and facilitates use cases beyond buying and selling static files. For people who want to build Metaverse scale applications, we don’t see another viable option. For investors who believe in the potential for scalable NFTs, options are similarly limited. I don’t believe there is any other opportunity for the public to invest in the equity of a scalable NFT platform,” said Laskey.

Creating a metaverse

“Many people picture the metaverse as a seamless, life-like AR/VR experience. We see that coming into existence, but to get there we need to facilitate interoperability and collaboration between digital creators on an unprecedented scale,” said Laskey.

“Unlike the physical world, the metaverse will be much less uniform. Think about video games and how many different amazing art styles and aesthetics exist. We think the key to building the metaverse will be to facilitate a consistent, seamless experience while maintaining the ability to have a diversity of expressiveness and aesthetics.

“This means digital goods in the metaverse will need to be highly adaptable. Interoperability goes beyond bringing a static file across apps—it requires that digital goods are dynamic to fit their changing surroundings. At NFTY Jigs, we call our NFTs multi-dimensional because of the way our platform promotes adaptability from application to application. You can see this today with the way a duro dog—a digital pet NFT from our flagship game Duro Dogs–changes when you take it into new settings like Ruff Runner, a newer game that utilizes Duro Dogs NFTs.”

Why crowdfund?

“We have done and will continue to do conventional fundraising, but the crowdfund is a way to help us drive additional adoption, both with the funding itself and by driving additional buy-in and engagement from our audience by allowing them to become owners of NFTY Jigs. The community is what has got us to this point, and we will need the community with us as we continue driving forward,” said Laskey.

NFTY Jigs will be using the funds they raise to accomplish its two main objectives.

“The first is to finish key components of the NFTY Jigs platform including additional creator tools, our completed marketplace, and a developer onboarding portal. The second objective is to grow the user base of NFTY Jigs, and by extension, HandCash and BSV,” said Laskey

“We think the best way to do this is to leverage our game Duro Dogs which already has a fantastic, highly-engaged community. By improving our onboarding for Duro Dogs and marketing through traditional channels, we believe we can bring tens or hundreds of thousands of new users into BSV relatively quickly—jumpstarting an economy of users and creators which will blossom across many NFTY Jigs powered apps into a thriving gaming ecosystem.

“We are incredibly focused on driving the adoption of BSV through NFTY Jigs. Participating in the NFTY Jigs crowdfund is a great way to help drive BSV adoption while also being an investor in an exciting company with big upside.”

To find out more about the NFTY Jigs crowdfunding campaign, NFTY Jigs’ plans for the future, as well as the perks you will receive when you invest in NFTY Jigs, you are going to want to tune into the BSV Global Blockchain Convention live stream on May 24 at 10:40 GST to hear NFTY Jigs CEO Jackson Laskey talk about the companies plans for the future during the Small Payments, Big Fun: Micropayments for Casual Games panel.

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