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Business 10 August 2023

Is Bitcoin (BSV) a Security?

The memo sets the starting point for considering whether Bitcoin is a security: it highlights a speech given by SEC Chairman Jay Clayton in 2018 where he said that Bitcoin does not qualify as a security because it functions as a replacement for currency.

Kevin Healy on CoinGeek Conversations
Interviews 29 June 2023

Kevin Healy: My long journey to BSV

On this CoinGeek Conversations, former iOS developer Kevin Healy shares his journey to the original Bitcoin protocol and also explains the advantages of Bitcoin technology based on what is written in the Bitcoin white paper.

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Tech 27 June 2023

Workshop to build on BSV blockchain using AWS and AI

BSV Blockchain Association is hosting regular workshops on how to build apps on the BSV blockchain, and in their fourth workshop, they were joined by Jordan Kramsky, a solutions architect at Amazon Web Services.