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Workshop to build on BSV blockchain using AWS and AI

The BSV Blockchain Association is hosting regular workshops on how to build apps on the BSV blockchain. In this fourth workshop, they were joined by Jordan Kramsky from Amazon Web Services (AWS). The conversation around BSV blockchain and where it’s headed is well worth a watch.

George Siosi Samuels opens this workshop by explaining what it’s about and recapping previous weeks. They’ve been exploring how to use ChatGPT to build applications on the BSV blockchain. He says the workshop is aimed at beginners and intermediate users, so everyone is welcome regardless of their coding experience level.

A little bit about ChatGPT

ChatGPT is a Large Language Model released by OpenAI in late 2022 for those who don’t know. While it’s impressive, Samuels explains that it can confidently give wrong information, so users should be aware of that when using it.

Through experimenting, Samuels and the others have figured out how to get the best responses from it. This is called prompt crafting and can make a huge difference to the quality of ChatGPT’s output. To get the best results, users should:

  1. Tell it to take on a role, e.g., “You are a BSV developer.”
  2. Set the situation and context correctly.
  3. Create a very clear task. Give it as much detail as possible.

This information is useful for anyone looking to use ChatGPT for anything, especially for coding applications that might work on the BSV blockchain.

Jordan Kramsky talks about AWS, BSV blockchain, and integration

At this point, Kramsky takes over and explains some of the services AWS can offer those building Web 3.0 on BSV. He’s a solutions architect at AWS and is a huge advocate for blockchain technology, especially BSV. In his own words, he’s trying to act as a bridge between the two.

Kramsky briefly overviews what Web 3.0 is and the differences between it and Web 1.0 and 2.0. He explains that AWS can enable companies trying to build it since its infrastructure is already there. Of course, infrastructure and security go hand-in-hand, and he says that Bitcoin’s security is a “match made in heaven” for AWS.

Kramsky then goes over how AWS can help those building Web 3.0, including those in the BSV blockchain. He mentions hosting lite clients, key management, and data analytics as some of the ways AWS can be of service. He’d love to see services like Jungle Bus offered in the AWS marketplace to make them more accessible to clients. Obviously, this would be huge for BSV blockchain adoption.

Brett Banfe asks Kramsky a question; he mentioned that AWS could offer venture capital for developing apps and wants to know if developers must use AWS services to access it. Kramsky says yes, they do, and it’s all tied to the Activate Program.

Banfe also asks where we are, in Kramsky’s view, in relation to IPv6. Where is the tipping point? He replies that AWS does support both IPv4 and IPv6 now, and the company is full of enthusiastic people who are open and interested in IPv6.

Banfe asks a final question about Kramsky’s opinion on BSV products and companies like CERTIHASH. He answers that they’re well-positioned to get into the AWS marketplace, which would make them more accessible to potential customers.

The workshop then goes into the ChatGPT coding session. Readers should watch it to see how all of this works in practice.

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