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Stack of bitcoins on a table or surface
Business 21 February 2023

Bitcoin token recovery is not a fork

Token recovery only freezes stolen assets on the blockchain before being removed and reissued at the tip of the chain, and no fork is necessary for this, whether it is hard or soft.

Bitcoin SV Digital Asset Recovery Process
Tech 6 October 2022

Digital Asset Recovery process has use cases far beyond simple theft

The Digital Asset Recovery Toolset would mean that anybody with a court order establishing ownership of digital assets can use a designated Notary entity to translate the court order into a format that can be transmitted and interpreted by the mining network.

Bitcoin, Asset Seizure
Tech 5 October 2022

Asset seizure was possible in original Bitcoin

Today, many in the digital currency space believe asset seizure and freezing to be technically impossible, as the system is “decentralized” and it cannot be done due to being “simple math.”

Editorial 29 July 2021

Bitcoin and source of funds

Bitcoins have a history attached to them. The transactional history of a Bitcoin cannot be hidden. That means one is always trading a specific Bitcoin when selling it for fiat money, Dr. Michael Wehrmann writes.