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Events 2 November 2018

Malta Blockchain Summit 2018 day 1 recap

While the main purpose of this event is to raise awareness of Malta as a blockchain-friendly jurisdiction, the Malta Blockchain Summit has also succeeded in attracting experts from Malta and beyond to talk on all things blockchain

Events 29 October 2018

CoinGeek Week Conference kicks off with Miners Day

The CoinGeek Week Conference Miners Day will include activities designed to help miners better understand how mining is evolving and will discuss several of the popular advancements in the Bitcoin BCH community

Events 15 October 2018

CoinGeek Week to feature some of the greatest minds in crypto

An initial one day event turned to three day due to consumer demand, the CoinGeek Week Conference will assemble the developers, those minds that are helping to drive new applications and use cases for Bitcoin BCH cryptocurrency.

Events 28 September 2018

Block Seoul 2018: More blockchain-centered discussions, less crypto talks

The inaugural Block Seoul 2018 kicked off in South Korea last September 16, delivering discussions mostly centering on Korea’s crypto industry as well as blockchain technology and its footprints in certain industries, couple with a few dialogues about cryptocurrencies.

Events 20 September 2018

Block Seoul Day 2: Crypto mass adoption still has ‘too many problems’

Wikipedia founder Jimmy Wales joined a strong panel on the future of cybersecurity at the day 2 conference of the Block Seoul 2018. Moderated by BTCC Founder Bobby Lee, the panel discussed the challenges of cybersecurity within the cryptocurrency and blockchain ecosystem.