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CoinGeek Bitcade makes its way to Warsaw

After a very successful and vibrant debut in Miami and setting up shop in Dubai at the BSV Global Blockchain Convention, CoinGeek Bitcade is headed to Central Europe. On June 7, the city of Warsaw will host a night of fun, networking, and lots of gaming in Poland’s first Bitcade.

CoinGeek Bitcade made its debut in Florida in April, with the attendees enjoying an unforgettable evening of interactive experiences that showcased the power of Bitcoin SV in powering the play-to-earn gaming economy.

The attendees in Miami were able to play some of the BSV ecosystem’s most popular games, from Duro Dogs and CryptoFights to Haste Arcade Lost and Jump games. They also got the opportunity to compete for the chance to rank first on the leaderboard for Jump and Lost games, with the winner each walking away with $250.

The Bitcoin SV community in Warsaw and all over Poland will get the chance to enjoy a similar experience on June 7 from 7 pm local time. Organized by the BSV Blockchain Association, the event will not only allow the attendees to interact with others who share a similar love for Bitcoin but also play games from Duro Dogs, Haste Arcade, PowChess and more.

As with any other BSV event, including the recently-concluded BSV Global Blockchain Convention, CoinGeek Bitcade Warsaw will open its doors to those in Bitcoin and even those on other chains. In Miami, attendees building on Ethereum and Solana attended the Bitcade, and by the end of the night, they were all raving about BSV.

At Warsaw, those new to Bitcoin will be assisted to open a HandCash wallet and even gifted with some satoshis to get them started on their Bitcoin journey. And just like in Miami, attendees will also get to compete for $250 for each Haste Arcade game.

The CoinGeek Bitcade events are geared towards promoting P2E gaming on BSV at a time when the sector is seeing rapid growth. Gamers are already avid tech adopters and have been buying in-game tokens for years, making their transition to digital assets and blockchain tech seamless.

And with 3.4 billion gamers worldwide today, and this number growing every day, only a blockchain network that scales unbounded at very low fees like Bitcoin SV can handle them. BSV has already shown that it’s the network for gamers through the success of such games as CryptoFights and Haste. The former was first built on Ethereum, but in time, it found that the network can’t scale and is outrageously expensive for gamers, prompting its migration to BSV.

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