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CoinGeek’s Bitcade Miami brings BSV-powered play-to-earn gaming to Florida

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The first-ever CoinGeek Bitcade was held last April in Miami, Florida, a city that has become the blockchain hotspot in the United States, and it was a great success. The event brought together both BSV and even non-Bitcoin fans in an evening of gaming and they all had lots of good things to say about Bitcoin SV.

The idea behind Bitcade Miami was that it’s more powerful to show the world about the power of Bitcoin SV. Attendants got to test out some of the leading games in the Bitcoin SV ecosystem, from Haste Arcade’s Lost and Jump games to Duro Dogs’ RuffRunner and SmartLedger’s Enviroman.

Kurt Wuckert Jr. caught up with some of the attendees to hear their Bitcoin experience. Ross the Boss, a former producer for the ‘Tonight Show with Jay Leno,’ was among them, and as he told Kurt, he’s now big on Bitcoin. He now runs a ‘Bitcoin-based streaming service,’ which can only be accessed by buying an NFT. 

Craig Shoemaker was at the Bitcade as well. The standup comic and film producer decided “to stop doing it the Hollywood way” and is now producing Bitcoin-related content. He already has an animated show about “chickens who live on a planet and are losing their bitcorn and they blame the pig planet who are wallowing in shitcoin,” he explained.

Randy Schwarz has been organizing Bitcoin SV meetups in New York City for some time now, and as he told Kurt, it all started when he saw a gap.

“Nobody was filling the gap, so I started doing BSV meetups and pushing BSV in NYC and we now have the New York City Bitcoin Association. We’re organizing meetups and we’re pushing it [BSV] to all these people that [mistakenly] think that crypto is an investment or some proof of stake NFT chain,” Randy said.

The event also attracted people from other blockchains, with one Ethereum blockchain developer telling Kurt that he had learned a lot about what sets BSV apart from other chains.

“With Ethereum it’s just a financial business model, there’s no creative spark to it like we have here,” the developer noted.

Some came to learn more about how Bitcoin SV can power their ideas. Caroline Ragan, the founder of Lumose Marketplace, revealed that she is working on integrating NFTs into the legal field.

“My top two applications would be crowdfunding litigation financing and the other one would be notarization, but we’re still very early on,” she revealed.

Brittany Bitz was at the event as well, and the podcaster had a big surprise for Kurt. She presented him with a painting of his two kids, done by renowned artist Marina Koloeridi. The painting was themed around the GorillaPool, of which Kurt is a founding member.

“We want to thank you from the bottom of our hearts for being that beacon for Bitcoin and everything that you do,” Britanny, whose podcast has featured many prominent Bitcoin leaders, including Ryan X. Charles and Brendan Lee, told a teary-eyed Kurt.

With avid gamers at the event, CoinGeek had announced a $500 prize to be shared by the two people who would lead the scoreboards for Jump and Lost, the two popular games developed by Haste Arcade. The competition was fierce, but at the end of the night, one name appeared on both scoreboards -$sneakyfist. The gamer, whose real name is Eli Biedenbender, received the cash prize in BSV via HandCash for his prowess.

“I was impressed with their play-to-earn system. It’s simple, it encourages people to play, and it’s clear on how you earn,” he told CoinGeek. “[The event] was great, a small group of friendly open-minded people and a chill vibe. I also learned a lot from Kurt about BSV and it motivated me to do more research,” Eli said.

“The CoinGeek Bitcade Miami has been a massive success. We had 200 people come through and one guy taking home $500 with the Haste Arcade IOP challenge. We had a wonderful time and we’re looking forward to everything that’s going on in the BSV economy here in Florida,” Kurt summed up the event.

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