Paul How

Samsung next-gen chips expected to get more affordable, efficient

It looks more and more like Squire Mining Ltd., the application specific integrated circuit (ASIC) chip developer for mining Bitcoin Cash (BCH), made a great decision to get Samsung Electronics to manufacture its chips, as the South Korean tech giant has discovered new ways to produce 7 nanometer (nm) chips much more efficiently.

Online tech magazine Engadget is reporting Samsung could now harness extreme ultraviolet (EUV) technology to reduce power consumption by half and increase performance by 20%, in the making of chips with a 40% smaller surface area than what those used previously.

“Samsung is already the world’s biggest vendor of memory chips, but its innovation here gives it a massive leap ahead of the competition, not least because it’s the company responsible for keeping Moore’s Law going,” Engadget writer Rachel England wrote, referring to the observation that processing power doubles approximately every two years.

Samsung is currently preparing these chips for commercial distribution. Engadget foresees consumers soon having access to phones that perform faster, with longer times between battery charges.

It is such innovations that had led Squire to partner with Samsung for the mass manufacturing of its ASIC chips, soon to be delivered to associates of BCH’s largest mining company CoinGeek, which has the exclusive right to market, promote, solicit, sell, and distribute these ASIC chips and mining rigs to miners of BCH and various alt coins.

Recently, Squire Mining held a chip testing event that confirmed that its ASIC chip, when it comes out, will be capable of delivering a projected hash rate of 18 to 22 terahash per second (TH/s), and with an energy consumption of between 700 and 800 watts. This performance is 1.5 times faster than what is commonly used at present by cryptocurrency miners and with 50% less energy consumption. The energy and cost savings of this is seen to increase profitability for enterprise mining facilities worldwide.

Squire, through its subsidiary AraSystems Technology Corp., has been working with hardware manufacturer Ennoconn Corporation in developing mining rigs to house the ASIC chips. A prototype of the rig will be presented at the CoinGeek Conference in London this November 28-30.

Miners are invited to CoinGeek Week Miners Day to meet with the CoinGeek team and discuss how this next-generation ASIC miner can improve their business.

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