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Business 11 August 2020

Incentivizing human curation with Bitcoin

A new Twetch feature will auto-twetch a post replied to on Twitter, and its feed on Twetch is a list of curated tweets from humans archived on the ledger.

Business 7 August 2020

The CoinGeek Pulse: Episode 7

This week saw Russia making moves to back digital currency, bringing further developments in the legal position in the country.

Business 24 July 2020

The CoinGeek Pulse: Episode 5

Another busy week in the blockchain and digital currency space brings us a jam-packed CoinGeek Pulse, kicking off with the Twitter hack.

Business 24 July 2020

Twetch vs. PowPing: To tip or to pay?

Rival business models are exploring microtransactions for consumer apps on Bitcoin SV as replacements for ‘surveillance capitalism.