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Craig wright presenting on stage
Business 7 February 2022

Craig Wright returns to Twitter, continues to spout real Bitcoin wisdom

Emboldened by his recent victory in the Kleiman vs. Wright trial and the departure of adversarial Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey, Dr. Wright has decided to return to the platform where he first began to spread his message—originally under the name "Professor Faustus."

Editorial 3 January 2022

Bring on the ads!

Quite literally, ads is the way the internet is monetized. This is how marketers turn your eyeballs looking at computer screens into profits. In a way, it wasn’t the internet that invented ads. Ads have always been how television monetized its programming.

Business 30 March 2021

How to use Genuine Retweets as an influencer

Genuine Retweets allows users to earn Bitcoin SV by pushing content to their audience on Twitter and is the very first influencer marketing service created on Bitcoin (BSV).