Joshua Henslee talks about Windbells new feature The Breeze

Check out Windbell’s new curation feature—The Breeze

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BSV developer Joshua Henslee recently re-launched the Windbell application. In this video, he talks about a feature called The Breeze. Check the video link out or read the summary below.

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What is The Breeze?

Henslee explains that Windbell intends to allow users to share what they are bookmarking. This way, other users can see their list and bookmark the same pages if they find them interesting.

However, unlike other curation services, users have total control over and can earn from this one. The user who puts the link into the feed first earns BSV micropayments. 

On-chain bookmarking on Windbell costs around $0.01, and every subsequent bookmark by another user earns the original curator half of the bookmarking fee. There’s also a free option for those who want to test bookmarking and see how it works.

Giving humans back control

Henslee highlights that Windbell allows users to create a “human feed” instead of one generated by big tech algorithms. Windbell also provides a clean view of articles without cookies, prompts, ads, and other intrusive scripts. The site is a curation service that seeks to place the user’s flow of information back into their control.

The Breeze is free to use as far as browsing goes. It only costs if you want to bookmark something on the BSV blockchain. By clicking the chain link icon beside any article in your bookmarks, you’ll see the transaction ID.

Taking on the social media giants

Henslee notes how Twitter originally became popular because it was a place users could go for news updates. This is what he wants Windbell to become. However, Henslee has deliberately designed it as a clean feed with no comments or extra features to prevent it from suffering the same fate as Twitter.

“I don’t want this to be social media. I want it to replace it,” he remarked.

Henslee emphasizes once again that the point of this app is to allow human users to get back some control, curating their own feeds from sources of their choosing rather than being fed what big-tech algorithms want to show them.

Wrapping up, he lets viewers know that this is only the beginning. He intends to add more features, but he wants to keep it clean and simple for now to see how users interact with it.

Analysis: Can you see why tech giants hate Bitcoin?

By using BSV applications like Windbell, it should quickly become obvious why Big Tech giants like Jack Dorsey and Mark Zuckerberg work against the original Bitcoin protocol and have joined forces with COPA to attack Dr. Craig Wright’s patent portfolio.

Apps like Windbell, Twetch, and Relica have the potential to kill Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram by taking away the power they have over their users and by reconfiguring the business models they profit from.

Why would anyone use these intrusive, ad-infested apps that earn money for oligarchs when they can earn satoshis by using much better apps on Bitcoin? The answer is that they wouldn’t, and the Big Tech oligarchs know it.

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YouTube video

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