Latest scaling News

Business 1 June 2021

If Bitcoin was a family plan

The BSV carrier is effectively offering an unlimited data package. A package likely familiar to actual phone plan shoppers in 2021.

Ethereum transaction fees lead to UniLogin shut down
Business 21 September 2020

UniLogin shuts down due to Ethereum fees

UniLogin has been forced to shut down due to Ethereum's high transaction fees and scalability issues pricing the company out of operation.

Bitcoin SV and the roadmap to Genesis
Tech 17 April 2019

Bitcoin SV and the roadmap to Genesis

Coming soon will be a network upgrade called Quasar, which is currently scheduled for July 24 and centers on increased scaling capabilities.

Bitcoin SV able to sustain blocks above 128MB
Tech 11 March 2019

Bitcoin SV testing shows sustained blocks of 128MB

BSV has once again proven how easy it is to increase the network’s scalability. The Scaling Test Network (STN) has been able to maintain an average block size of 128MB in 24 hours, and an average size of 128MB across 144 blocks.