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Server configuration command lines on a monitor
Business 5 June 2023

BTC + LN is worse than shared IPv4 addresses

Advancements in technology have led to the improvement of IP-to-IP transactions, and one of the contributing factors is IPv6 and Bitcoin, which enable people to develop newer forms of transactions.

London Blockchain Conference Panel
Tech 4 June 2023

On-chain scaling vs layer 2 scaling: What are the differences?

In this discussion moderated by Kurt Wuckert Jr. at the London Blockchain Conference, industry experts zoom in on blockchain's ability to scale, the differences between L1 and L2, and the utility a truly scalable blockchain could offer.

Nigerian flag colors and BSV Blockchain logo
Press Releases 28 July 2022

BSV Blockchain introduced to Nigeria with real use case technology

The Blockchain Developer Summit in Nigeria's capital Abuja was a great success. With more than 1500 participants, the event created a big stage for BSV Blockchain among developers, established companies and key figures in the country's economic policy and development.

Editorial 1 October 2020

How to scale Ethereum today?

With Ethereum 2.0 still at least 18 months away, the team behind sCrypt is proposing a practical solution that works today.