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Human hand reaching web 3.0 abstract vector
Editorial 26 December 2022

Web 3.0 at Miami Art Week

Retail investors talk poorly of blockchain projects and are skeptical about their future because most of them invested in vaporware which is now down 85% on their initial investment.

Mine Crypto Pro
Events 29 July 2022

I crashed Mining Disrupt 2022

Hashing for subsidies has been extremely profitable, and the continual arms race in hashing has led to levels of efficiency that were frankly unfathomable to the Bitcoin economy just a decade ago.

CoinGeek Bitcade Miami 2022 signage
Events 14 April 2022

Bitcoin 2022 Miami: CoinGeek Bitcade recap

Bitcade featured play-to-earn games, like Lost and Jump from Haste Arcade, RuffRuner from Duro Dogs, Enviroman from SmartLedger, and SatoRunner by Greg Ward and the Dapp Institute.

Miami neon lights street
Events 13 April 2022

My experience in Miami

Joshua Henslee travels to South Beach in Miami for the weekend of April 8 to attend several Bitcoin and blockchain related events, reminding him which reminded him that such lacking opportunities to meet in person over the last two years have sorely been missed.