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Business 12 November 2020

Hash war history

After a brutal series of battles in the Bitcoin Civil War, BTC remains unscalable, BCH appears to be ready to split again, and BSV continues to be mined with an open source protocol, no software-enforced block size limit, and an ever-growing absorption of new businesses and use cases.

Editorial 18 February 2020

‘Btax’ and Preuve d’Amaury

The BCH developer tax plan is bad economics and bad governance perpetrated by the bad actors who took over the BCH protocol, and it is splitting up their community—again.

Business 17 February 2020

ABC devs pushing ahead with BCH mining tax

Its Infrastructure Funding Plan is a pleasant way of describing the mandatory tax ABC developers have decided to impose on the BCH mining community.

Editorial 10 December 2018

Growing pains of a new technology

In the world of crypto, as with the early Internet, it’s not yet clear what application will turn a technology with great potential into one that’s a part of everyone’s daily lives.

Tech 27 November 2018

Bitcoin SV to process 1TB in transactions within three years

Bitcoin SV (BSV) is continuing to develop the blockchain in accordance with what cryptocurrency was meant to be – a peer-to-peer digital currency – in an effort to ensure that crypto fulfills its reason for existence.

Press Releases 26 November 2018

原始比特币在Bitcoin SV(BSV)上得以重生;BCH算力大战结束

CoinGeek Mining很高兴地宣布原有的比特币回归比特币SV(股票代码:BSV)。 CoinGeek将支持比特币现金(BCH)的永久性分拆,​​继续挖掘BSV链,并将与全球其他公司合作,为BSV硬币建立一个充满活力的生态系统。