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The CoinGeek Pulse Episode 20: Relica, OKBSV and Bitcoin Independence Day

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This week’s top story is about the blockchain-based social media application that recently launched and now challenges social media powerhouse Instagram. Will its money-making content use case appeal to creators and users?

Heads up content creators! Relica is live. The latest reimagined social media application built on the Bitcoin SV blockchain aims to reward user’s creativity and imagination.

Like Instagram, users can upload photos on Relica. The difference with the popular social media app is Relica users get to maintain the ownership of their data and they can earn from their post. It only takes one cent for a user to upload a photo. The user can then receive 1 cent per comment and 2 cents per like on his post.

With its unique microtransaction infrastructure, users can share content and generate revenues thru their Relica account. Imagine how much revenue large Instagram influencers and popular users like Cristiano Ronaldo, Ariana Grande, and Selena Gomez can earn from this.

It may be far behind Instagram’s 1 billion monthly active users but give them time. They are currently onboarding new content creators. To get an exclusive invite, visit or send a private message to Relica’s Twitter account.

More blockchain developments, RelayX launches OKBSV—pioneering token exchange on chain. OKBSV is a derivative of actual BSV held on OKEx and FloatSV. 

It’s described as a temporary exit for customers who have been affected by the recent withdrawal suspension on both exchanges following OKEX co-founder Star Xu being allegedly under house arrest while he cooperates with on investigation not related to the exchange with the Chinese government.

Customers who have an account in either exchange can immediately claim OKBSV at a rate of 1-1 to their Bitcoin SV balance.

OKBSV is RelayX’s second token to launch on the RUN protocol. Through the permission-less nature of the RUN protocol, RelayX allows anyone without a FloatSV or OKex account to purchase OKBSV. 

November 15 marks the anniversary of the BSV ticker, also the second anniversary of Bitcoin Independence Day. This goes back in 2018 when the split between BCH and Bitcoin SV happened.

To commemorate the event, CoinGeek RoundTable is airing a special episode. Kurt Wuckert Jr. facilitates the roundtable discussion with CoinGeek’s Jon Southurst, Centi’s Bernhard Muller and True Review’s Connor Murray on BSV’s eventful history. Get some anecdotes from the guests on where they were when the split happened, and what followed next.

Watch the full episode of CoinGeek Roundtable on Streamanity.

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