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Marco Biscardi NFT Collection
Press Releases 18 March 2022

FabriikX unveils new private art collections & resale marketplace

The Origins collection features 40 unique NFTs comprised of a series of tiles, with each tile being a separate NFT. Each tile is digitally hand painted and features spots of paint creating drips, on single color, contrasting backgrounds.

Unbounded capital and Handcash logo
Business 8 March 2022

HandCash announces fiat on-ramps

The introduction of fiat on-ramps creates a new opportunity to buy and use Bitcoin directly from the HandCash app, Unbounded Capital’s Jason Ramsay writes.

Haste Arcade and Fabriik logo in gaming console background
Press Releases 28 February 2022

Play games and earn money with Haste Arcade

For Haste Arcade, Fabriik’s integrated Weave API allows customers to seamlessly trade in real-time without needing to leave the application. Customers also don’t need to install a new wallet; the Weave app will work with their existing wallets.

FabriikX logo with a plain background
Interviews 26 January 2022

FabriikX launch its first community-sourced NFTs

FabriikX introduces its first set of NFTs from its Inaugural Community Collection Series, which represents the communal artistic efforts of different artists around the world.