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Toronto, Canada, 15 June 2022: Mayson Heald launches her second NFT Collection, ‘Vision’ with FabriikX. This collection is derived from a portrait drawing of nChain’s Chief Scientist, Dr. Craig S. Wright.

The Vision collection consists of a series of portraits of Bitcoin inventor, Dr. Craig S. Wright. The inspiration for this collection comes from Mayson, observing Dr. Wright’s appearances at the London CoinGeek Conference in 2020.

Contemporary artist and NFT creator Mayson Heald said: “I wanted to capture in the drawing Dr. Wright, an important historical figure with a relaxed, informal presence as he was listening to fellow Conference attendees discuss topics of the day.”

“This NFT collection brings a classical background into the digital world. I have taken my drawing of Dr. Wright and extended it into an experimental series, using basic digital tools, to combine traditional and abstract expression together.”

The NFTs have been minted by FabriikX directly onto the BSV blockchain. With the NFT market booming with artists producing and creating projects on several platforms, FabriikX is a curation-focused marketplace where artists are visible and supported to promote their work. It also provides a secondary market, enabling artists and collectors to connect directly to buy, sell, and resell digital collectibles. And, as FabriikX is built on the BSV blockchain, it can offer some of the lowest minting fees available today. The average cost of minting is $0.0006/byte, making it one of the most lucrative marketplaces for artists to mint their work.

Commenting on FabriikX’s latest drop, Lior Cyngiser, Business Operations Lead said: “FabriikX prides itself on providing a platform where artists and content creators can highlight their work that memorializes moments of history and has cultural relevance. Mayson’s latest collection, Vision, does just that. We continue to strive to create the best curated multi-sensory NFT marketplace.”

Mayson commented: “FabriikX is a well-designed platform that works to optimize the power of the BSV blockchain. It allows large, secure scaling and gives the artist full ownership and autonomy over their work. By using the BSV blockchain, FabriikX enables access to the creative NFT community without substantial fees. All aspects here are amazing features.”

About FabriikX

FabriikX is a new kind of NFT marketplace built on the power of the BSV blockchain. It offers curated-focused, exclusive NFTs from top creators, and new creatives as well as content from the best inventive minds in the digital collectibles’ community.

To Fabriik, NFTs are much more than just digital collectibles; they are experiences that connect collectors with the creators and communities they care about most.

FabriikX offers a secondary market so customers can buy, sell, and re-sell NFTs with no minting or transfer fees, directly with other collectors, and get paid instantly. Plus, all data lives on-chain.

Currently live on the FabriikX platform reside 856 NFTs with over 18500 editions available for sale.

About Fabriik

Fabriik is a digitally powered financial technology company made up of people committed to unlocking the power of blockchain technology to make participating in the future of money, a reality today.

Fabriik’s vision is for everyone, everywhere to be able to reimagine prosperity in the digital economy. So, it is creating tools and services that empower people to buy, sell, store, and trade digital assets easily, securely, and transparently.

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Key contact: Haris Khan
Email: [email protected]
Mobile: +44 (0) 7503 581 563

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