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Broken Trust on broken road
Business 10 May 2022


The problem with Ethereum and BTC groups is that they are anticorporate. They call themselves crypto capitalists when what they really mean is that they are anti-capitalists.

Tech 5 August 2021

Bitcoin ecosystem rallies to repel doomed re-org attacks

Bitcoin Association confirms that the attacks against the Bitcoin SV network—which started in early July—have resumed this week and are perpetrated “by a malicious actor attempting to illegally double-spend BSV coins.”

Police in Canada hunt BTC ATM double-spend scammers
Business 14 March 2019

Police in Canada hunt BTC ATM double-spend scammers

Police in Canada are pursuing four men in connection with so-called ‘double-spend’ attacks, a type of cryptocurrency scam that has been plaguing Bitcoin Core (BTC) across the country.