Editorial 19 May 2020

Ethereum 2.0, or is it 0.2?

Eli Afram examines the ins and outs of the upgrade to the Ethereum network, analyzing the merits on the basis of technical and societal.

Editorial 20 September 2019

Bitcoin, tax, and privacy

The lack of understanding in the technology builds resistance that is baseless and somewhat encourages fear of the unknown.

Dr. Wright and the altered PDF
Editorial 31 August 2019

Dr. Wright and the altered PDF

Eli Afram clarifies some of the misconceptions surrounding the recent court case with Dr. Wright vs Ira Kleinmann.

Editorial 29 August 2019

Bitcoin’s capacity to make the world better

The recent recommendation in the Ira vs Craig case, reveals the hard truth about an ever-present problem within the justice system, that by the account of many studies, exists.

Editorial 22 August 2019

How stable is a risky stablecoin?

In the advent of blockchain technology is the increase number of stable coins which heavily rely on 'trust' that leaves a lot to be desired for.

Editorial 1 June 2019

A bit about Dr. Craig Wright

My passion to see Bitcoin reach its potential lead me to write a series of pieces in an attempt to get some minds thinking rationally, to see Bitcoin succeed. This passion led me to Dr. Wright.